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West Virginia Victims Protection Act Bill of Rights for Victims

West Virginia’s only legislation for victims guides the Victim Assistance Program at the Morgan County Prosecutor’s office. It is our goal to make sure victims understand their rights and attempt to insure that they are given these rights. In the West Virginia Victims Protection Act of 1984, the following guidelines are set forth:

Victims are to be advised of any plea agreement with the accused.

Victims have the right to make a victim impact statement, the right to appear before the judge at sentencing, and the right to make a statement as to the effect the crime had on the victim and his/her family.

Victims have the right to the expedient return of property seized as evidence or used in the course of the investigation or trial.

Victims have the right to notification by the prosecuting attorney of court dates and any schedule changes.
Victims have the right to receive court ordered restitution from the offender for physical, psychological and economic injury or loss.
W. VA. Code 61-11A-1, et seq, (1989 Repl. Vol.)

The Morgan County Victim Assistance Program provides the following services to victims:

Advocates who
• serve as liaisons to help communicate with all individuals involved in the case:
• are available to sit in during all consultations with the Prosecuting Attorney assigned to a victims case:
• are available to accompany the victim to all court proceedings
• can aid victims in the recovery of financial loss. (This may involve in assisting with completion of Victims Compensation Fund Claims.)