Magistrate’s Office
77 Fairfax Street, Room 202
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Phone: (304)258-8631
Fax: (304)258-8639

Magistrate Courts – Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

Magistrates issue arrest and search warrants, hear misdemeanor cases, conduct preliminary examinations in felony cases, and hear civil cases with $5,000 or less in dispute. Magistrates also issue emergency protective orders in cases involving domestic violence. The circuit courts hear appeals of magistrate court cases.

Magistrates run for four-year terms in partisan elections. They do not have to be lawyers. Circuit judges appoint magistrates to fill vacancies. An appointee who wishes to remain in office must run in the next election.

Morgan County has two Magistrates:

Kermit Ambrose¬†– Magistrate –¬†304-258-8635
Greg Miller – Magistrate –¬†304-258-8633

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West Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service will refer you to lawyers who will talk to you for up to one half hour for ten dollars.1-304-558-7991,

Legal Aid of West Virginia Provides legal services in certain kinds of cases if your income meets low income guidelines.

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Family Court Mediation Services Ask for a list of approved mediators through Family Court Services at the West Virginia Supreme Court