Parole Hearings

The parole board is mandated to notify the prosecuting attorney and the sentencing judge at least 14 days prior to an inmate’s scheduled parole hearing. If you wish to be notified of the defendant’s parole hearing, you should advise either the Prosecuting Attorneys Office of your desire or write to the parole board to request notification directly from them.

Parole Board 112 California Avenue Charleston, West Virginia 25305 Telephone: (304) 558-6366

If the prisoner has requested an “open” parole hearing, the victim or the victim’s family may request the opportunity to address the parole board during the hearing. This request is made to the parole board. If the prisoner has requested a “closed” hearing, no one may speak at the hearing.

The victim or family may request to be notified when the prisoner is released from custody. If this request is made to the parole board, the prisoner’s file is stamped “Notify Victim upon Release” and the victim is notified in writing by the parole board upon the prisoner’s release. It is important to assure that the parole board has your current address to assure proper notification.

If the defendant is sentenced to the Eastern Regional Jail for a misdemeanor, you may send a written request to the “ERJ” asking for notification of the defendant’s release. The Eastern Regional Jail can be contacted by writing to the following address:

Eastern Regional Jail
88 Grapevine Road
Martinsburg, WV 25401