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Settlement of Accounts
Following the ninety (90) day claim period, if all debts, claims and taxes have been paid or provided for, you may file a settlement report. Probate Department will provide you with the appropriate settlement form and instructions.

Waiver of Final Settlement – Single beneficiary/heir estates and estates where there is no controversy or dissention among the beneficiaries/heirs qualify for a Waiver of Final Settlement. Each beneficiary/heir must sign the document in the presence of a Notary Public.

Final Settlement – All other estates will be required to complete a Final Settlement. The proposed settlement is a complete and comprehensive statement of accounts made available for inspection by the beneficiaries/heirs at law.

Upon receipt of a Waiver Form or Final Settlement, we notify the heir as required by law. If the decedent died on or before July 12, 2001, then notice of settlement will be published on the first Wednesday of every month in the Morgan Messenger. If the decedent died after July 12, 2001, the Probate Department will hold the Final Settlement for ten (10) days. Provided no exceptions are filed, the settlement will be eligible for approval by the County Commission on the next Commission meeting.

Following approval by the County Commission you will receive written notification directing you to immediately disburse any remaining assets in the manner outlined in your report.