Morgan County Farmland Protection
 77 Fairfax Street, Room 101
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
304-258-8540 ext 1304

Ginger Johnson- Board Director      

The Farmland Protection Board currently has 14 protected easements in
Morgan County totaling 988.12 acres  

Press Release:  3/16/2018- The Farmland Protection Program has accepted a 7.44 acre donation and purchased an easement of 120 acres into the protection program.

pictured left to right, Lin Dunham, Board Chairman, Ginger Johnson, Board Director, Linda Ruppert, donated property, George McVey, Trump & Trump, Attorney

Landowners have an opportunity to voluntary protect agricultural land in Morgan County by the voluntary placement of conservation or preservation easements on farmland as defined under farm, farmland or agricultural land. (West Virginia Code 8-24-75) The Board is established under Voluntary Farmland Protection Programs (West Virginia Code 8-24-72, 2000) and the resolution dated June 16, 2000 by the Morgan County Commission authorizing the creation of a Morgan County Farmland Protection Program and Board. The members of the Board shall operate and manage the affairs, funds and property of the Morgan County Farmland Protection Board and disburse the Board’s monies and dispose of property in fulfillment of its legislative purpose. The board shall be composed of seven members and each member shall serve a term of four years except for two initial appointments of two years. No member may serve for more than two consecutive terms. The Morgan County Farmland Protection Board is composed of seven members; all members are required to be county residents. All members are appointed by the Morgan County Commission and serve at the will and pleasure of the Commission. Specific composition of the Board is as follows:

Morgan County Farmland Protection Plan Program Guide (click to download)

Board Members

One County Commissioner (non-voting)- Commissioner Joel Tuttle

The Economic Development Authority Director-  Daryl Cowles

One farmer who is a county resident and a member of the County Farm Bureau- Kory Harmison

One farmer who is a county resident and a member of a Soil Conservation District-  Lin Dunham

One member who is a county resident- Bill Clark

One farmer who is a county resident-  Laura Glascock

One county resident who is not a member of any of the above organizations- Robert White

The Morgan County Farmland Protection Board is assisted in the process of purchasing and accepting donated conservation easements by the Board Administrator.

Ginger Johnson
Phone- 304-867-3134