Funds Request Information
Joel Tuttle - President
Sean Forney - Commissioner

Bill Clark - Commissioner
The Morgan County Commission has initiated a new procedure and process to respond to funding requests by community organizations.

The process is explained in a flow chart, which can be found here:
Funds Request Process .

Be sure to adhere to the procedure's as outlined in
Funding Request Procedure's

The process begins by the organization completing a Funds Request Application Form .

Please use this form if you are applying for Hotel/Motel Funds. Hotel/Motel Funds Request Form

Criteria Considered by the County Commission
  • Constitutional and statutory requirements
  • The total amount of funding available for distribution
  • Previous funding from the County Commission
  • Proof that funds received previously were expended for approved purposes
  • Were the application and requested documents complete and received on time?
  • Information contained in the financial statements
  • Will the requested amount of funding help the organization grow and become more self sustaining?
  • Did a representative of the organization appear before the commission to present their case for need and answer questions?
  • The number of citizens served
  • Amount of funding the organization received from other sources (state, grants, fundraising, etc.)
  • Is the viability of the organization dependent on the requested funding?
  • What is the long term viability of the organization?