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07/01/2014 - 06/30/2017
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7/1/2012 - 6/30/2015


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Download the new 5:00 PM BURNING LAW
West Virginia Forest Fire Laws
Spring Forest Fire Season March 1 - May 31
5:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M.
Fall Forest Fire Season October 1 - December 31 5:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M.
Maximum Fine: $1,000.00 For Violating The Burning Law

All controlled burns should be reported to the Office of Emergency Services, Fire & Ambulance-non emergency, at 304-258-0305 so fire trucks will not be dispatched if your fire is reported.

Commercial permits to burn during the prohibited periods may be issued by the local Division of Forestry office. For more information contact:
   HERBERT PEDDICORD, JR.    (304) 229-2665    (304) 541-9285 (cell)

Year-round requirements for burning outdoors include the following:
It is ok to burn anytime if there is an inch of snow around the the fire

A safety strip of at least 10 feet must be placed around the burning materials. To prevent wayward sparks from igniting a forest fire, the strip must be cleared down to the mineral soil.

Fires must be attended to at all times and cannot be unattended until fully extinguished.

A violation of any outdoor-burning restrictions may result in a misdemeanor charge, a fine of up to $300 and liability for costs of fighting the fire and the damage caused by the fire to property.

To find out more about West Virginia’s fire laws go to

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